Weigh Anchor

The trouble with a full-time job in the summer is that the bit of the afternoon where most Mediterraneans are siesta-ing (2pm till 4pm) goes sooooooo slooooooowly and allows tonnes of time for thought. Bad. Plus my Ipod is chock-a-block full of pensive songs about love and life and the natural way of things. How inconvenient. I need me some mindless rap or some grinding RnB. No wait, I DON'T. That's right.
An excellent post on Delightfully Tacky helped me think about things in a healthier way. When you leave something big in your life behind, it's natural to remember only the good things. The past is an anchor securing us, but it's also holding us back.
Hurrah for floaty shirts in the summer! The trouble with this one (aside from the crappy photo - it just wasn't happening today) is it has a nasty habit of being dragged backwards so the collar, far from being in its correct position on my, erm, collarbone, will end up on my shoulders within a few minutes. It looked better when I wore grey jeans and put the piece of fabric tied around my wrist (the remnants of a tiny bit of DIY which you'll see later) on my head as a headband. Headbands are cool. Almost as cool as bow ties.

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  1. Its only a break. Not a break-up. No?


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