The Wind in the Willows. But without the Willows.

Well, whether St Swithin is, he's got a lot to answer for. It was pretty effing disgraceful weather-wise today. Typically, as I was leaving for work it bucketed down. Perfect for drenching my zebra-print-trousered legs and new tan clog-boots.
Word. Isn't this a blogger-tastic photo? Not looking at the camera, 'natural' surroundings, pensively looking downwards...I'm getting there, blog fans, I'm getting there...
For the third time this week (yes, my social life has skyrocketed this week) I went out in the evening to celebrate a friend's graduation. So I dressed up a little bit. And given that today is the windiest day we've had in a while, I decided I'd wear something sensible, that would in no way blow up and expose my modesty....
Yeah, no I didn't.
Yeah. This is the variant of the split-sided dress 'ways to wear' I will be working when the sun's out. Tonight I used a couple of safety pins to protect myself, and went for cool clashing brown accesories. I'm a master at that knotted belt trick. And I love my new wooden-soled clog-boots. Impractical down hills, super-comfy on the flat. And on sale, obvs. Phew.
Too many abbreviations. Now I'd better go and tie down everything like Carl did in Up just in case my house blows away overnight. And I'll leave you with a little humour. This had me snorting into my....erm, water, earlier. Nighty night.

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