And another thing....

This is likely to be the only time Emma Watson gets exposure on my blog, but.....
But when Grazia posted this photo on their website my heart skipped a beat. A Carey convert! A Mini-Mia, a tiny Twiggy! Thank GOD she ditched her nondescript long locks that were a part of her 'Hermione' self! Hurrah that she can now storm into my good books as a proud promoter of short hair (not bald, as I've read it referred to as). When a young lass hacks off this much hair, she's saying she's ready for the world to see her amazing features and she's ready to stand out from the crowd. And while I've never considered Emma a beauty, this cut brings out her adorable face, her amazing eyes with that impish sultry look...I'm coming round. Well done Emma, you look great.


  1. I like the haircut on her, but I'm hoping she doesn't get the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, if that's what she did it for.

  2. Yeah, I did wonder about that. Apparently it's just a rumour. Like everything else. But tbh, that film will be rubbish either way.


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