And I feel like taking off...

Sorry I didn't do the obligatory outfit post yesterday gang; was out celebrating my brother's birthday, then came home to entertain my one remaining rat, and after the horrid guilt trip I got from a 'friend' telling me I was being cruel to said rat if I didn't immediately buy another one so she didn't get lonely, I didn't fancy turning my laptop on.
So, outfit. I have developed a bit of an obsession with the shoes you saw me post two days ago. Miu Miu-esque, black suede wedge sandals? Yep. I've worn them on Wednesday and today. I am a bit obsessed. They are leg-lengthening, hardcore and yet feminine and actually really comfortable.
So, here's Wednesday's outfit....(serious hooker chic.)
So yeah, hooker chic. Initially I was going to wear a black vest underneath but at the last moment I brightened myself up. Possibly a bad move. But I nailed the baby Julia Roberts look.
And this is today's. I was running late so threw on the easiest thing to wear in the world.
This denim shirt-dress is wonderfully easy to wear, and I like to think it does a sterling job of balancing out my wider bottom half with a voluminous top half. So just a pair of killer heels and some vampyric pins and I'm good to go!
So maybe tomorrow I won't wear those shoes. It's chucking it down with rain outside (it was raining when I took today's pictures, so maybe suede isn't the best idea. Oh well...

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