Black on White

So yesterday (and the early hours of this morning) was an interesting day. And today is getting simultaneously more and less interesting. Off to see Inception again tonight with the reason I was up so late last, after I've spent the last few hours hunting for lodging in London.
My parents are giving me grief (for the millionth time) about how I've had it so easy this year living at home. Yeah, I have. I've been ready to leave for months. But upping sticks and leaping with both feet, no job, no income and no friends around me is a lot harder than it looks. I'd love to be fun and free. And I need to gtfo of my hometown. Once I go, I'll have to make it. But right now, given the cosy life, I don't have much incentive.
Boo f*cking hoo. Poor little rich girl
Anyway, long of the short of it is I need somewhere to live in London for three months. If any of you lovely readers are Londoners with a room, have a friend with a room, or have a friend of a friend who needs a roomie, please let me know! I will name you as Supreme Awesome-O 3000 if you can help.
Ok, so what you all come here for....I saw good ol' Jane from Sea of Shoes looking a-mazing with white skin, red hair and black lipstick.
I wasn't hugely into this one. It was comfy and fun, but not flattering. But I was in too much of a hurry to care. And having too much fun in black lipstick. Which my mum doesn't approve of. Of course :).

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  1. Hiya aw I hope you sort a crash pad out soon. Wish I could help, I'm heading to London in a few months(interning...I have a feeling I will be interning forever)I'm such a country bumpkin going to stick out like a very sore thumb !
    OMG I saw your comment about BH...yes I love love love that drama/comedy, I'm catching up on missed episodes at the mo



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