Captain Obvious

He's Captain of the 'It's Really Obvious That I Like This Person' brigade.
I remember reading something on Eliza Cummings a while ago, probably in Vogue. When it isn't too busy drooling over Kate Moss it does give space to bright young things.
One such bright young thing is Eliza Cummings, an English model who apparently looks like Elvis Presley.
If Elvis had boobs and loved black eyeliner.
Clearly all the cool kids go topless for Dazed & Confused.

A couple of people got cut from this one, one because she's a big blood-diamond-hording diva and one because I am so sick of seeing her everywhere.
So yes, latest model obsession. Saw a cover she's just done on Fashion Gone Rogue and was reminded why she's so awesome - the ability to look harder than hard and all cute and soft. Like our Agyness there. I miss Agy.
I also saw a gorgeous photo of Abbey Lee Kershaw. Not normally a fan of the long blonde look but she's so angelic, and like Mena Suvari in American Beauty, my go-to girl for wholesome cute blondes (with wicked streaks).

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