Daydream in Mist

I just love this image (found on Hand It Over). I've got a bit of a thing for mist and autumnal trees. And frost. This looks like some kind of Bronte wedding set-up. Or how my romantic heroine completely unrealistic not gonna happen dream wedding would be conducted - early morning mist, probably a horse.
Reminds me a bit of (shameless self-plugging, gosh I have a high opinion of myself) this shoot I did last autumn.
I was trying to mimic the feel of the Thomas Sabo campaign last winter (which has now been nicely mimicked by the Topshop Fall '10 campaign), all gothic monochrome photography. Irritatingly, my camera battery ran out after about 20 photos. I looked a bit of a twit cycling round this big estate where I took the photos with a tripod hanging out of my bag. But the phots were good. Good photography is very satisfying.

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