Falling on my head like a memory

That is not in reference to an anvil, a missile, or any kind of tree-dwelling animal or fruit. Incidentally, it's from the same song that my unique comments quote is from. Fun pointless fact of the day.
Today was not a good day for maxiskirts. It was drizzling in the morning and pouring by lunchtime, but by the evening it was lovely again. Typical. After I'd shuffled down the hill in my oh-so-trendy green military coat and my severely-impairs-your-stride skirt, in Converse as well. Super cool. When the weather is better it will be so much easier to wear certain things, and this skirt is one such item.
I saw it in Topshop after seeing photos on blogs and on the internet and loved it. The print is so beautiful close up, and very clearly a McQueen homage.

Not so good on, as photos don't quite capture its colours. A pain to wear, lovely to look at.
Oh, and it's almost completely see-through. Think Princess Di. Think Vanessa Abrams at The Snowflake Ball. Yeah.


  1. Gorgeous skirt. You just need to get a slip!

  2. It has a lining that comes down to about mid-thigh, so it does protect your modesty. But the rest of your legs remain free for all to see, which I imagine is the ideal....


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