Friday, I'm In Love

And so another week has come to an end. It's really flown by, this one - I guess we've just been busy what with the deadline for the new issue fast approaching, so I've not had time to prat around as much, too busy phoning press offices and churning out copy. It's good to be busy. I will enjoy a bit of a social life next week when friends have returned and are fighting fit again.
For now I've eaten too much and am slobbing on my sofa watching some lavish Keira Knightley film before going to bed to get up nastily early for a Saturday to go to Cambridge to see family. I love Cambridge, wish I'd taken today off to go early. It's so wonderful just to walk around in and take in the architecture, the river, the university buildings and the tourists punting on the Cam. I guess that'll be me at some point tomorrow; my brother likes to punt and my mum, dad, grandma and I like to lie around and enjoy the ducks, and not get dive bombed by the bored local boys.
Also, this heralds the end of MaxiDess/Skirt week. Again today I didn't really stick to my rule, wearing a 3/4 length skirt that will be very in come winter. I had been commenting on a post by Blair of Blair on a Budget where she was showing off a shirt she'd got for a fiver at H&M and it got me thinking of this bargain of a sale skirt from the same shop. It's got so much fabric.
The first time I wore it I added a leather jacket, black vest and crucifix. Will have to do that again, only with killer heels. These clogs are actually more comfortable than they look, as I said before.
I also had a haircut, very satisfying to have the undercut side undercut again. I'm thinking of being really radical and dyeing it peroxide blonde when I go to London - can any Londoners recommend a good colourist? I'll need one to get this red tone out.
So, I won't be blogging tomorrow. I'll try very hard to write sensible, insightful posts when I come back, as I'm aware that this is becoming just a 'what I wore and what I did today' blog, which isn't much fun for you guys (unless that's what you want - I know I often skip straight to the clothes on other blogs) and makes this a poor portfolio for me. I'll also be putting a LOT more stuff on Ebay - I have a two-page list in my trusty Moleskine of stuff I want to sell and only managed about a fifth of it so far!
So have a good Saturday, y'all.....

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