A girly girl wears make-up to the gym

My mum does her hair before she goes to the gym. (My mum has a bob and she curls the ends under so it looks neater before she goes and messes it all up by working out super-hard.) I've never understood why. Maybe one day I will. When I go to the gym I just put a headband on to keep my fringe out of my face. I once ran into town to go to the bank. Yes, town. In my gym gear. In a headband. I am weird. Sometimes I think I'd be so much happier going out in public and not caring about my appearance. But I'm too shallow now.
But I will never be a girly girl. Sure, I'll be cute and irritating and needy, the most unattractive female qualities. I'll wear a pink pouffy press with a pout and a black biker jacket. I've actually been called pretty by some nutter I know, which is not a word I've ever use to describe myself. But I'm just not a girly girl.
Take this lovely collection that I found via someone's blog (temporarily forgotten who is it. Darn.) Epitome of the hip 20-something look for Autumn/Winter.
It ticks all the boxes. Socks'n'sandals, track pants, oversized shirts, A-line skirts and ponchos, snoods...it's a tiny capsule representing a way of dressing this season.
Because my eye is trained to trends right now I was drawn to this....
Poncho. Knee socks. Knotted belt. Oversized clutch purse. Mannish buttoned shirt. Aviators. Unsurprisingly trendy. But could I work this? Hell no. Aside from the fact that I'm not a model, I'm just not girly enough. The key to doing mannish tailoring while still wearing a skirt is to be, well, a bit feminine. Pretty, angelic face. Long hair, preferably blonde. Be cute first, then add the attitude on top.
Ok, so that's out (my legs aren't that good either). So how about this?
Conjures up a Lolita-like, lover-like image of a woman in a man's shirt the morning after, couples with a lovely soft draping jacket. But the model is also soft and feminine with a hard edge, something I don't think I can master.
This is much more like me, though still on dangerous group with the skinny trousers and the vulnerability that softens the hard look of the outfit. I think this is the tricky thing with statement dressing - a person with a statement look can make a simple dress look amazing, but a person with a statement look is difficult to use as a canvas for a strong, trend-heavy look, which these are. All the best models are blank canvases to be made up.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are disadvantages to giving oneself a strong look, such as my distinctive hair. You like to think of it as armour, but sometimes I wish I could be the sweet girly girl with the cute, simple look, that can walk barefoot in a field in a long flowing dress like something out of The Virgin Suicides. I wish I could be, a girl, someone's girl, sometimes.
I still think I'm going to attempt the last look tomorrow, weather permitting. Sorry for the lack of posts, and outfit posts. I've spent most of the weekend either entertaining my pet, proof-reading or lounging on a wonderful person's sofa.


  1. I have the same problem. Short hair (true it's in silly colours) and a general ungirliness.

  2. I don't even brush my hair before I go to the gym!


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