Good Girls Go Bad

My boxset of Gossip Girl has arrived in the post! Yay! Am catching up with all the stupid plot twists and pathetic dramas of the third season, and sincerely enjoying the fashion. While Blair is a bit tired, Serena is just Sluttyiena (though with a fabulous tan) and Vanessa's hair extensions make me want to weep, it's all about Little J. Sure, she may have become a bit of a tearaway in real life, but her Kirsten Dunst-pale skin and stunning blonde hair, along with a black on black wardrobe and legs that go for miles, she's definitely leader of the pack in my book.
Work those pins, girlfriend. This is one of the first looks we see Jenny in (the second, in fact) and it combines the best of all series - cutesy girly braces from Series 1, grungy striped shirt and colour palette from Series 2, and legs legs legs (and designer shoes, no doubt) from Series 3.
A grunge masterclass from 'the new Courtney Love' - making tie-dye look anything but hippy with almost dirty-looking colours and a slick of red lippy.
Dressed up to the nines for a smart evening out with her 'friend' Damien. The less said about him the better, but I LOVED the cobweb detail neckline of this dress.
And with Damien off-duty - a look straight off Wang and Rick Owens runways.
And ready to ruuuuuuule the school, Rizzo-style, in the most creative interpretation of uniform ever. It's gotta be a lenient school!
Anyway, I am no way near that adventurous. I did declare this Rocker Week (in homage to the lovely Hal) and plan to wear printed t-shirts and shorts, along with maybe some heels, losta jewels and layers. Yeah.
I am still working on this 'less is more' thing, as you can see.
This girl (on my vest) is pretty cool. She has Debbie Harry hair (heck, she could be her. I have no idea) and many many tattoos. In my rebellious moments (I rebel in the way that Claire from The Breakfast Club does - in my mind/badly) I dream of what I'd get. Not what this girl has.
I'm not Jenny Humphrey yet, but I need more layers and bling tomorrow.

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