I'm a British nanny and I'm dangerous

I've never seen that film (Shoot 'Em Up) but that line has always amused me. I love Clive Owen, despite a few truly shiteous films he's been in. His storyline is the only one I repeatedly watch in Sin City, and he is the best thing about Closer.
I've had a very quiet day at work listening to everything I can find by Peter Gabriel (ok not everything, otherwise I wouldn't get much done and I have other means of distracting myself, like reading moronic hate tirades by retarded Texans), so I was going to name this post Shock the Monkey after one of Peter's masterful songs, but not today. Maybe tomorrow
I hereby declare this week MaxiDress/Skirt Week, in that I intend to do what I did last week with leopard print and wear a skirt that is, at least, below mid calf (I say this because I have a mid-calf-length denim skirt I want to attempt) every weekday this week. So here goes.
It was a tad windy and chilly, hence the jumper. You've seen this dress before - I wore it last month with a blazer. I do really like it and it was dirt cheap. Time to wear stuff I really like. I may wear it again before the end of the week. Though not on a sunny day as it is rather see-through and I don't do nude underwear.
Anyway, I'm off to stop my rats from demolishing my bed any further, and to hope that this week gets more exciting. It's very lonely in the city atm as it's August and I have no friends to play and have adventures with. I hope they come back soon. Then I won't have to climb trees by myself any more. Though I do like climbing trees. I sit in them and listen to the trees move and write poems.
I am nearly 100% unpretentious.


  1. I like stripes! Very bold.

  2. sweet skirt.. i like the way you spell realise. yea i said it. duwop!

  3. I wasn't aware I spelt 'realise' in a strange way! :)


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