In this proud land we grew up strong

Ugh. I am the sort of person that *touches wood* doesn't get ill, but I get killer attacks of the sneezes every so often. It's not hayfever - everyone just tuts at me when I say this but I get it all year round and have no issues playing near pollen.
So my nose is going to be tomato red and sore for the next few days. Joy.
Oh well, a big loud trashy dress can elevate a mood.
This dress is so badly made. I'm going to have to redo the hem as it kept unravelling and getting caught on the straps of my boots. I am glad I got these boots - remember first wearing them and being crippled by their height but I've long-since learned that these are nothing. At least they're padded and strapped on, basically hiking boots with heels. Saw a model in this month's Glamour wearing some like them.
Well I feel pretty dire and we're on deadline at work so I'd better get some shut-eye. Nighty night.


  1. that leopard print is sooooo cool!<3

  2. Your boots are absolutely gorgeous, very jealous!
    Hope you feel better soon RedHead xxx


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