Learning and Cold Stone

I am still around, never fear. Just had a busy few days of the delivering the magazine (first day in the rain, eugh) and yesterday I went on a little daytrip to Oxford.
Coincides nicely with putting up the photos I took when I went to Cambridge...
Some street-style shots (I don't quite have the guts to actually approach someone and ask to take a picture, hence how dodgy these are....)
And Oxford...
And some street style...ok, just what I wore.
By the end of the day, I was wearing 4 layers. Started with 3, but it was a lot colder in Oxford than I had anticipated. So a hasty stop at Primark nicely coincided with the cold snap. And I fell a bit in love with this tie-dye cardigan that I found loitering on a rail in the wrong section. That's the wonder of Primark. It also reminded me of a long shirt that Hal (coholic) wears in one of my favourite ever outfit posts. Congrats to Hal on the arrival of her baby, as well!
So, I was wearing 4 layers. Lots of floating and swirling in the wind. With my nice new Chelsea boots which are a bit clown-shoe-like but very comfortable and some lovely makeup as done by a lovely lady at the MAC counter. She put some smokey eyeshadow with a green tint on and some bright pale pink lipstick (in fact the limited edition Lady Gaga shade) on me. I am rubbish at doing eyeshadow but every time I go to MAC they inspire me to try again.
Went to see Scott Pilgrim last night and rather enjoyed it (of course). Unsure whether I'd be able to cope with seeing it again as it was really zippy, but the female characters are very endearing. And awesome. Plus they've strengthened my belief that this season is going to be the season of the shaggy bob. Time to start growing my hair...

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  1. I really liked Scott Pilgrim too. Made me feel happy to be young.


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