Maraschino, like the cherry

I am a big fan of novelty items - when committed to fully they can be hilarious and sometimes even hip. I have a pair of sunglasses like that. They are pink, cats-eye/60s secretary-like, and with three diamante studs in each 'wing'. They are my Marty Maraschino glasses.
I felt they were the perfect thing to set off my 60s-meets-cowgirl look for today. Can't believe ASOS reduced this massive denim skirt to a fiver just as the mid-length skirt came back into fashion! Schwing!

A lot of fun. I felt like something out of True Blood (Season 2's mad anti-vampire church). Worn with elastic red Office sandals, knotted white sleeveless shirt (great buy from a surfwear outlet store) and my Fashionology cross. Best £20 I ever spent...well, this year anyway.
I was going to write a deep post today. Had yet another argument with my mum, which basically means I try and express a sentiment of upset and she gets annoyed with me for 'making everyone else feel upset'. Some people just don't do well with emotions. I think she was just taught to be tough by an equally tough mother and thus just screens the rest out. Seems sensible. So I subsequently have never been good at expressing an opinion strongly and just end up bursting into tears when I'm trying to fight something, hence why I never argue. I'm also not good at tolerating or associating strongly with others' weakness so I don't have to confront my own. Maybe I'm just a bitch.
Anyway, I was set for this, but then I spent too much time reading the latest madness on Godammit, and being a bit pissed off with Glamour, who have done special 'regional' issues yet their distribution is so poor that I'm in Bristol (which has its own dedicated issue, I checked) and I've got a Welsh issue. Fail.

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