Picture of Summer

Leopard-Print Week (or three days) has been so much fun. I got to discover my inner 90s trashy dresser.
I clearly had way too much fun with this. But if you're going to try and dress like a rock star groupie you have to go all out. Complete with excessive crosses, fringed burgundy wedge boots (ow) and matching lipstick, and the biggest hair I could muster. And my beloved DIY cutoffs. I have shorts much shorter than these. Will take a bit more courage to wear those...
Anyway, I'm off to the seaside until Saturday so you won't hear from me until then, but upon my return expect a huge eBay drop and a new theme. I'm thinking...maxidress/skirt week.


  1. You're killin' it wit the leopard! ;-)
    Oooh, I love those boots! Give me the details on those puppies.

  2. Your hair looks AMAZZZING in this :)
    Love the shirt too.

  3. Hope you had nice time at the seaside and great look xx

  4. Thanks for all the comments people :)

  5. this is a seriously fierce outfit! you've got awesome style :)

  6. Definitely my favourite outfit of yours to date! I'm in love with the tshirt

    ps. RedHead I've added you to my blogroll - I hope you don't mind!


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