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So, given that I have nothing else to post about (other than that I wore double denim - blue shirt with grey trousers - today and the exact same outfit was in the Telegraph's Clost Thinker column, which yes I know came out yesterday but I only saw it today), I thought it might be a cause of amusement for y'all to learn a little bit about the very limited selection of magazines that I read.
I warn you, it's not extensive. And it's very pedestrian. But I like what I like.
So....some magazines that I no longer read.
At times, I have really enjoyed these. But I think some of them have become samey, or just tacky. They shouldn't even be on this blog, as they hardly qualify as fashion mags.
Bit of a shock? I think, to be honest, it's too sophisticated for my tastes. Plus they love Kate too much. It took them far too long to give Freja a cover.
Ok, and some magazines that I love and will always buy.
Ok, so I know that you don't actually have to buy this one, and that it's just a glorified catalogue, but for a magazine for an online shop, it's pretty inspired. A proper cover star and interview, plus photo shoot, beauty, articles, styling and the only 'catwalk to store' feature where you can guarentee every item's location? It's pretty impressive for the side project of one of the world's biggest online shops.
I read this every week, partly because my brother bought me a subscription and partly because I'm a bit addicted to trying to get my name in it (I think they twigged this and stopped printing my letters....) It's often hit and miss, like most weeklies, but when they're good, they're great, bringing fabulous fashion and well-written human interest stories. They lose points for often taking stories straight from Perez and having Cheryl, Jen and Angie on cover rotation.
And finally, no surprises here....
It's inspired. The layout is clean, minimal yet not pretentious and inaccessable, the shoots are similarly simple yet standout, and they have done the rare thing of being able to edge out even the most vapid of cover girls (cringe, Cheryl, cringe) and feature a celebrity while still making them look like a model. Their writing is informative yet with real hooks, and I cannot get enough of the fashion. Unlike Vogue, I think that this one's aimed at me and my age bracket, or probably more correctly style contemporaries - it's edgier, darker, a bit grungier, timelessly hip, style rather than trend-led. It's got integrity, and it's got staying power. Sure it has its hiccups, but that's always a matter of taste. All that I've said here is a matter of taste.
And I love Elle so much partly because of this incredible cover from last summer, of Lindsay, pre-meltdown. I could stare at it all day.
(And for those of you disappointed by my lack of pretentious artsy mags which are filled with skinny nudes, ads for brands I've never heard of and hardly any writing....recommend me some?)

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