Seasons of Love

I've become one of those annoying bloggers that I profess to intensely disliking who only posts weepy crap about how hard their life is.
Oh noooooooooooooooooo.
But seriously, it's transition era, and I'm kind of not a fan of sitting around and thinking about it. I'm practically broke (ok not literally, but I am a paradox with money - borderline incapable of saving it without someone to lock it away yet fucking terrified every time I come home with a shopping bag, breathing deeply and looking at my bag warily thinking 'what have I done??'), almost in possession of a nice place to stay in London where I have several nice friendly friends but no security of any kind, a small pet that I am convinced I'm the worst pet-mother of ever (thanks to a lovely friend who told me so, and the fact that I have been spending too much time with real humans to play with her all the time), a desperation to escape and a desire to stay more than anything.
Blind panic sets in.
And then, while doing research for a piece on wedding venues for the magazine, I see this image.
And it warms my tiny frantic heart.


  1. hi hun I saw your comment about London, I've no exact date yet I'm trying to balance it out with my I -can -get- by- 9-5 dull job.
    But I will kepp you updated it would be great to meet up if poss.

    As for this image *gush I almost want a bf now ha!

  2. Thanks for posting my image, would like a credit though! Image above by Morag MacDonald - documentaryimage.com


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