Shark in the Water

Leopard-Print Week is full steam ahead, gang! Today I bent the rules a little and went for blue leopard-print harems.
I have worn them before but with the legs pulled up to just below the knee, as carrot-leg or harem trousers don't work so great on women with hips that don't lie, but the crotch drops so low I can get away with it. I continued the whole 'luxe trash' thing with my long sheer black shirt. I love that shirt. It was extortionate but it's so easy to wear and I have actually been referred to as 'waif-like' when wearing it. Dress thin, look thin. As in, wear lots of loose-looking clothes on top and tight clothes on the bottom and look thin. Sort of....
And then there are the accesories. I love these wedges (though they draw attention to my hideous toes) for their ease, combination of hardcore biker look and complimentary positioning just above the ankle, and the fact that they look like Surface to Air, but aren't.
Similar to my huge cross, which looks like a Low Luv but was actually 20 quid from Fashionology, a site I LOVE and will order from again when I make some more eBay money. I sold my first item today! Hurrah! I will post everything I plan to sell on my blog a day or so in advance - if there's something you want (UK only until further notice) email me and we can negotiate.

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  1. Love the Topshop trousers, saw it on a lot of different blogs and I like it a LOT!


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