Who's Guilty?

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we're back with another segment in the ongoing series entitled 'The WTF World of Beauty Double Standards'.
I actually saw this one a while ago, over at Grazia Daily, famed for being at the cutting edge of fashion news as it happens and pulling no punches about upsetting a few tender-hearted readers. In this case, they got me and a fellow commentator a little riled. But it wasn't so much them that upset us.
Ok, cast your mind back to a post entitled 'Red, like Blood', where I posted a lovely picture of the gorgeous and alluring Evan Rachel-Wood, fully True Blood-ed up as the Queen of Louisiana.
Just thought you might need reminding what she looks like most of the time after having seen her as the face of Gucci's latest fragrance, aptly titled 'Guilty'.
Brace yourselves.
Oh man......
But was I really surprised? As much as we might like to think that they are doing things differently now, the big, well-established names haven't changed their one-dimensional image since, well, ever. More fool me to think that Gucci would try and do something radically different in this new era of 'change'. What's even sadder is that I'm sure a tonne of fashion journos and PR peeps will argue that this is a new perspective - the desire for a wide spread of models and looks has come full circle, there are just too many alternative examples of beauty out there that they just had to remind us what we all used to aspire to. We should all be wearing nice, sensible A-line skirts and wide-leg trousers and kitten heels and carrying neat handbags, because this is what the new era of women want us to wear. Clearly, they've all been watching Mad Men a bit too closely. They've liberated us right back to oppression.
It's clearly worked. Grazia has decided that this look suits her.
I am so close to giving up.


  1. I'm sure paleness won't even be an issue if we give up the strange idea most people have that women need to colour their faces and shave their legs to even have a look at meeting the standard.

  2. Um. Holy fuck. That does not even look remotely like her. I've never even seen her with a tan before in my life. Fail.


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