Wistful Face

Sometimes I wish I was cute and feminine so I could do wistful well. It just looks stupid and emo on me. I've had a simultaneously awesome and exhausting few days. And though I'm rather emotionally battered as well as a bit tired, I am already sad about the people, new and old friends, that I'm going to be leaving behind when I finally escape the city. Over the years, people have been good enough to trust me with a lot, and it breaks my heart to see anyone suffer - even though I'm not good with emotions, I am good with the feeling of utter helplessness when someone you know and care for needs something you cannot give.
Am all set to accept a place to live in London, and while a small part of me will be counting the days til I can come home, a larger, currently mostly dormant but the biggest part of me will be counting the ways I can stay. It's the dream, really, and you have to chase the dream. I've always wanted to believe I could do anything to do that.

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  1. Hey, I'm from London, it would be a good idea to come here!! It's so great, I was from the USA up until my parents dumped me in London... So come here :)


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