Yesterday Should Have Been Better

I meant to post these outfit pics yesterday as I normally do but I wanted to give the blog a good few hours' silence in dedication to Peaches, recently deceased ratty. So now it's just me and Beans (used to be a string bean, now is a decidedly broad bean) who will just have to tolerate a lot more hugs and occasional random outbursts of crying.
Oh, the outfit. I was quite proud of it. Had actually intended to just wear a repeat of one I wore about a month ago (jeans, ASOS black t-shirt with woodland scene on it and denim shirt) but I couldn't find the t-shirt, so I had to wear a different one, which I think worked better.
Plus I have been watching a discourse about a certain pair of Forever 21 Miu-Miu-a-like shoes (largely promoted by Karen of WhereDidUGetThat) and I think I can beat those ones hands down with my Office pair.
(I'm going to itemise this one, because I feel like it - Topshop aviators and t-shirt, Zara shirt, Current/Elliott jeans, Office wedges, Thomas Sabo pendants and cuff.)
So yes, I am happy with yesterday's outfit. These Current/Elliott jeans are worth every penny (and despite the fact I bought them in the sale, it's still a lot of pennies) and the Office Miu-Miu-a-like suede wedge sandals are a lot more comfortable than they look. Glad I snapped them up. Also glad that I'm actually wearing them! Three times and counting!
Now I have to get back to work. I'd rather just go home and play with my rat and eat cupcakes (it's my brother's birthday today so I made him cupcakes), but duty calls.

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