Your Love is my Drug

Today was not my day. I spent 10 minutes sifting through my (newly sorted) accounts folders looking for an envelope of cash, which I then found in my 'to shread' pile. I was subsequently late for work, as just as I was leaving the strap on my dress broke.
But a change of fortunes lightened the day, then I came home to a biathalon training sesh with my brother (he cycles two laps of my normal running lap) and some dinner, then a bit of good tv. So it was sort of salvaged.
Anyway, to kick off Leopard-print Week...
I just love it. It's so trashy. Like Courtney Love, Ke$ha and some tramp lady. Yeah, weird style icon week this will be. The straps are held on by rubbish plastic hoops, so I need to replace them. But a safety pin was all I needed to get out of the door.
I like this pale grey nail polish - it looks rock'n'roll yet chic at the same time. I obviously needed some rock'n'roll jewellery (love this cuff). Should have had some cooler shoes, but I was already late.
Just had a thought - my new swimsuit is turquoise leopard-print! So provided the weather is good this weekend I can make this a full week of leopard-print. Hurrah!
Tune in to see what I'll come up with tomorrow....


  1. My first comment did not post - which i am pissy about. However, as it was so witty i'm going to try and remember it word for word. Here we go.

    I cannot believe I missed work the day you decided to emulate my style icon, Ke$ha. All you needed was encrusted glitter around your eye and vomint in your hair and you would have been sorted.

    Hilarity aside, love the dress. In the words of Tyra it's FIERCE.

    Love Chezza (aka Gayface)

  2. At least you found the cash! Could have been worse.

  3. True Wendy. Believe me, I replayed the 'worse' scenario in my head. The 'to be shredded' pile is still there though....


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