Crimson and Clover

So in an awesome twist, Cherrybomb came up on my iPod as I was walking (read strutting) home. These shoes are great for the nonchalant loping walk I'm trying to perfect.
I tried to do hair inspired by Robyn's but the trouble with brightly coloured hair is it always looks dodgily murky and dirty when caked in product, and the amount of product it takes for my hair to be vertical is excessive. Sigh.
I'll miss the summer - it's made dressing a lot easier. When the weather gets cold I'll have to start wearing socks and tights and not just be able to throw on some shorts and a t-shirt. Another sigh.
That's about it for me really - inspiration is running pretty low ever since I saw that Vogue cover. With luck I'll have some inspiration tomorrow, probably still riding off the back of my random ramblings on anorexia in the media. Not sure how I got onto that. Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about BAGS! Or SHOES! Or DRESSES! Or something.


  1. What hair product were you trying to use? Admittedly I don't have your hair, but mine tends to be rather obstinate as well and I highly recommend Shockwaves 'Mess Constructor', not least because it has an awesome name.

    E x

  2. You are killing it in the Clueless Goth, just had to give you props right away! xoxo

  3. Thanks E, I will gie that one a go. Currently using a product by Fudge, it's like clay.
    And Sister, again, I thought you would appreciate :)


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