The Doctor in the Details

Wondering about the crazy post title? Well, when I bought this dress from ASOS, it claimed that it was in the style of Daisy Lowe, currently on the arm of my premiere celebrity crush, Matt Smith, aka The Doctor. Shame they don't sell a man in the style of him on ASOS.
Anyhoo, the dress. Even my dad said he liked it, so it must be a good'un.
Had to do a close-up of (no, not my epically emphasised curves) my jewellery. I love my latest ring (far right) - been wanting a decently huge one for ages. Got one with a pink stone too. Probably rose quartz.
And here is a slightly comedy photo of my massive, erm, curve. Had no idea I could make it jut out like that.
In other news, I am now a bona fide blogging contributor over at The Handbag Fairy, woop woop!


  1. Here via Sister Wolf, I've just gone ripping through the archives here and really love your style - very iconic, very Joan Jett meets vintage, am crazy about all the crucifixes. Most of all I am crazy over your hair.

    Keep it up!!

  2. I love this dress. It looks awesome on you.


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