Emmy Oh My

Meant to do this yesterday but, y'know, time and tide.....
So, it was the Emmys recently! Now, given that I'm not an American I wasn't sure what they were/it was, and had somehow decided it was a music award show that would result in nothing but minidresses in lurid fabrics.
Yeah, I live in a cave. A very specific cave.
So, once I'd spied this selection on Style.com I decided it was worth a look, and a feature. And a good hard drool over my favourite looks.
Tina Fey, looking like a very funky Ming vase. Love the Aztec/Egyptian/ethnic wonder of these prints and the the shade. Not so great against the red carpet and blue background (who's idea what THAT?)
Christina Hendricks. The woman, the goddess, the cleavage. Not that hot on the feathery bits - she does have this mad idea that 'interesting' shoulder details compliment her biblical cleavage. One day she'll snap out of it. And just dress like Joan. All the time.
Now, regular readers will know that I detest Glee as much as I detest Cheryl Cole. But I do rather like this - simple and regal. Like Jane.
I just love this woman. No-one else would think to do this. She could have done with a chic bun perhaps, but I love the smooth yet rock-y bob and the sinuous dress.
Lovely dress, lovely girl. Another actress who could do with taking a leaf out of her career-defining character's book and...well, relax a bit. But Elisabeth looks pleased as punch, so how can I not smile?
Luke who? Similar in style to Marrion Cotillard's mermaid-like Oscars dress the year she won, yet with the hard-edged glamour that black brings, to compliment Kelly's rock-chick-made-good persona.
Poor Rose looks a bit shocked. Or maybe that's just her hair. But she has trod the fine line between Grecian gorgeousness and dodgy toga party and emerged victorious. Love the extra gold ribbon-y details on the bodice. Just wished she'd relaxed the hair.
You know how much RedHead loves an underdog. I have no idea who this is. The critics hated it. I love it a bit. So simple, yet so wonderfully upsetting to the rules. Excellent.
Whoever told Hugh Dancy to get a haircut was a blithering idiot, but with his very sparkly, award-winning wife Claire Danes on his arm, no wonder he's so smiley. And she looks amazing. And he's hot when he's got longer hair. They will have beautiful children.
Don't have much to say about the outfits (Rita could have done with a belt), I just love these two.
People disapproved of this. They said it was dull. Sure, it's not blinged out to the max and it doesn't quite fit. But Kerri is sweetly, quietly, delicately lovely. Like the dress.
And let's here it for the Brit girl made good! I loved Archie in Bend It Like Beckham, but it was her acerbic turn as a PA in the rather patchy A Good Year that sealed the deal for me (and made me want to be a PA). Lovely, simple dress that complements a fabulous figure.
And now, ladies and gentlemen....the true golden couple of the Emmys, of America, nay, of the world!
She's wearing Alexander McQueen and a huge rock of a ring. He's wearing a slightly dodgy hairdo.
Together, they are unstoppable.


  1. Archie looks GAW-JUSS! That dress is perfect on her.

  2. That blue background is atrocious.

  3. The woman in the black and white dress that you didn't know, i believe she's an actress, she plays the mother in The Gilmore Girls


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