Grab my bags and go

Just wanted to show you the view....
This is the view from one end of my office's building. I love all the contrasting heights, levels and turrets. Proof that there's plenty of beauty in the urbs.
Such as these, which I took on the bus home.
Reminds me why I love this city - it's so full of life, and variety, and bustle, but even being forced to slow down a bit (as Londoners seem to find hard and I am becoming increasingly impatient with random tube stops!) can create something wonderful.
I had to run an errand to Mayfair earlier and boy did I feel out of place. Will have to do a post about that. London seems so much smaller now in many ways - turn the corner from work and I'm on Bond Street! Did have to walk past A&F, it smells like every odious 16-year-old who ever barged past me or was rude to me.
Tomorrow I have an interview, then it's Friday and I have another informal interview! Then it's the weekend, planning on visiting East London for only the second time ever. I'm pretty good with North and Central but the hip East End is still alien to me. Help me, friends! Where must I go? I wanna see me some celebs!

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