I don't actually live by the river

....but I'm here! In London, on a quiet little street south of the river, in a nice cosy room with a day job as a PR minion and an evening job as socialista, girl about town and sufferer of mobile internet. So we'll see how this whole 'continuing with the daily posts' thing goes.
I'll be documenting the ins and outs of my intern work on my other blog, but here are a few little pics of my day.
Because I'm all soppy, here's the last sunset I saw in my hometown....
...before the new day in London, baby! The window of Aquascutum - love the long layered gathered dress, and how the rest of the bustle of Regents Street is reflected in it as the snooty manequins stare out.

I want to ride around in a cab looking brooding like Sherlock. I'd rather ride around in a cab with Sherlock.
I may not get to see many gorgeous sunsets from now on, so I may just have to gaze at this amazing cape. Marios Schwab for Topshop. Wayyyyy too expensive.

But slightly less expensive than the Schwab and the Liberty schwag, there's this hat. It made me look like Quentin Crisp. I may have to buy it.
Right, that's your lot for today! Just to let you know I'm still here....like Joaquin Phoenix. But for real.


  1. Good luck down there Red, I can't wait to read about it! I love that pic of the Aquascutum window, very arty. You should make your other blog look all pretty like this one :)


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