I Maxed Out

For those of you who have recently discovered this blog, you must think that all I ever wear is maxi-dresses. And if you didn't think that before, you certainly will now.
Here is yesterday's outfit. I had real issues with it - I am yet to master the art of layering a jacket over a maxidress. As it gets colder and layering becomes the key, I'm going to have to learn fast. I'll be taking inspiration from Sandra of 5 Inch And Up, who is a master of layering and monochrome.
If it had been a lot colder, I'd have put a nice wooly jumper over this.
I think I pull off the high end templar lady knight thing nicely. Plus the boots I'm wearing are covered in buckles and the like so make a noise like chainmail when I walk.
I will be taking this split-side dress to London with me, and wearing it over trousers.
And this dress, today's outfit, will definitely be coming with me.
Much better layering, as it was warm enough to get away with just a little vest. This dress has the lowest back. It gave me the perfect opportunity to wear a checked strapless bra-top I bought last summer when the plan was to wear it with a low-cut loose vest. Will have to rethink that.
But yes, this was a good dress, especially as it was a sale buy.

Yes, very happy with this. I wore a few berry-coloured things last winter and I think this will do nicely.
I really should wear skirts, and especially maxiskirts more. It indulges my love of dressing up, playing a role, in a way that trousers don't do. You can have far more fun with a swishy skirt.
Well tomorrow is my last day interning at my current location. I'll miss it - the people are really nice and the work is fun. This week has been crazy-busy with deadlines, but I thrive on that kind of pressure. And I clearly did a good enough job as they asked me to stay longer. But as we all know I'm off to London to intern some more, so good to know I did something right.
Gotta plan my big send-off outfit!
Not really.

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