It's just a cruel, cruel world

Ah, another fantastically hilarious good day ruined in the last few moments. See these shorts below? I tried to iron them and the iron got too hot and melted the fibres. Well done me.
But until the melted shorts incident, I thought I looked pretty cool. Was channelling the Topshop campaign and my favourite anonymous model crush...

But y'know, in reverse, kind of Stella McCartney, but with shorts that needed a re-iron before this photo (I ironed them this morning and they were fine, it's just in the evening. Basically the moral of the story is that I should never leave work, because nothing bad happens at work) and less dark lipstick.
Just general levels of frustration. I am very glad to have this blog so that I can come home and vent very publically about bad days. It doesn't make sense, does it?
Here, I'll distract you with a video. A blogger I've just found called 5 Inch And Up (see her over there in my new revamped generic list of awesome blogs) introduced me to Fever Ray, whom I now love.

And then there's also this one, by Kimbra, which has been stuck in my head for days.

Enjoy those! I'm off to foil my rat in her plan to chew my bedframe to pieces, and then to go to bed.

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  1. If you like fever ray, have you listend to The Knife, that was Karins first project. 'You make me like charity', and 'like a pen' are some of the best tracks


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