It's A Nice Day For A....

As I didn't do an outfit post yesterday (I wanted my piece on 'Fashion in 3D' to be the focal point for a bit) here's a double whammy of what I wore.
Totally transseaonal, although Grazia assures me that the stripe is over and it's all about the thick stripe, no sorry, the hoop. To quote The Virgin Suicides, how stupid can you be?
I need to line my parka with fur to be totally in, but I have none handy. Glad I got this coat. Am planning on belting it and pairing with bare legs, shearling boots and a beanie come autumn. As well as, y'know, other clothes. I shouldn't have worn the parka as it was so bloody warm but my colleague and office style rival (though he's a bloke he wears womens' trends as well as mens') wore one yesterday so I had to compete, naturally.
Am so glad I bought these trousers - carrot-leg, so totally wrong for me, but can be both smart and super-casual with their almost harem-like possibilities and their ability to make me look like an Oliver! extra.
Another thing I'm glad I bought...well, things really. Today's outfit....
One of my favourite outfits of recent days. Totally not what I was planning on wearing. But it turned out very well. Kind of Jenny Humphrey with the beanie. The cardigan was a lucky Primark find, and such a good one too. Inspired little idea to throw this waistcoast over the top to break up the lines and mess with the proportions. Finished with some hiking boots and socks, very on trend. Very glad I did buy these boots - they are so heavy duty, with metal straps and buckles and everything, but also with heels. And rather comfortable. Definitely going in my London suitcase. Need to think about my capsule wardrobe soon!
And I tried very hard to get a photo of my Kate-Hudson's-Elle-cover-inspired eye makeup, but the only one I got made me look like someone had punched me. So instead, here's what I was aiming for.
Not a fan of Miss Hudson myself but this cover is divine. Kudos to the team, the photographer, the makeup artist (all Chanel products, want that lip gloss) and, of course, Kate.
Get the feeling I won't be posting for a few days - tomorrow night is busy and am going to a wedding on Saturday, so probably won't have another outfit post, or post at all if tomorrow at work is hectic, until Sunday. See you all then!

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