It's so exhausting being fabulous

There's been a sudden flood of articles in sympathetic womens' magazines about women who are hated by other women because they are really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Grazia led the way a few weeks ago with an article about one such sufferer from God's gifts (interestingly, read the sufferer's rebuttle here), and this weekend's Sunday Express Magazine has three women 'suffering' from their beauty.
The Grazia article was a very interesting one, not least because of the letters that poured in about it. Among the lucky ones to be printed was the story of beautiful Anette, who confidently blamed her bad luck with friends on the fact that women 'tend to be very insecure' and that she just liked to take care of herself.
Does anyone remember that Paris Hilton film The Hottie and the Nottie, where the bimbo heiress trotted round with a slightly less 'hot' girl to make herself look better? Yeah, that. Anette's friends are just that. Plus she's probably too busy staring in the mirror smiling and stroking her hair to have time for friends.
When we were little, it was the weird looking girls that got bullied. Now, in some beautiful kind of cosmic payback, the popular pretty girls are getting it in the neck from below-par females who have no other way of boosting our feeble self-esteem than to mercilessly abuse those more genetically gifted that us.
Oh please.
They are apparently more employable and get far more attention from the opposite sex without trying, but when it comes to a few envious glances from their 'friends', they just quit, because they've never had to work at anything before, right? I remember in one of the early vox pop episodes of Sex and the City where a model said 'being beautiful is such a power. You can get everything you want'. Read you can get everything you want without having to work for it. So have these few bad examples stopped working at making friends?
I have three very close friends, all of whom are tall, slim, blonde. So far, so sorted. I like to think of myself as their weird-looking little friend, but in reality, I know I'm not. Because aside from being stunners, these three ladies are as beautiful inside as out. Sure they have luck with men, and they will probably be quite employable. But they also have the good grace to know that you have to work just as much on your friendships as on your face. And I really hope that the ladies who are moaning in the magazines about how no-one likes them because they are beautiful figure that out. Because beauty fades. And it's in the eye of the beholder. And it's no accounting for personality, likeability and talent.

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  1. Here, here! I hate it when girls are so vain and think they're a threat to other girls. You'd have to be really, really beautiful to think people could hate you for it. I envy their big headedness! At least they think they're gorgeous, as I bet not many other people do haha x


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