The Last Picture of Summer

By the time this posts, it will be September. Now, I love autumn almost more than the other seasons (partly because of the colour) but this has been a great summer.
I would have posted earlier and made August a measley 'one post a day' month, but I've been compiling a portfolio page for this blog, so that any prospective employers can be directed here to see samples of my published work.
So, for one final time this month....
Today I was a towering cityscape.
You can't see it very well because of the spacey pictures, but this short top actually has several rows of a cityscape printed on. I haven't worn it yet - need high-waisted trousers to do it properly, but most of my trousers are too big for me now. Woo!
Had a great bank holiday weekend - went for lots of walks, including one hilarious one down in a wooded valley where, when I had reached the top of the valley and was sitting on a rocky outcrop admiring the view, a load of kids on an opposite vantage point were screaming 'don't jump!'
The clock just chimed. It's a new month. The summer is expected to start ending soon, but knowing England it'll be glorious for the next month, with the last long evenings golden and brighter as a result of the ending of the summer, before the world gears up for the colours of autumn. I'm really going to miss watching the leaves change here, because we have so much greenery. But I am looking forward to seeing change come in, somewhere else.


  1. Red, those shoes are amazing! Where are they from? & is the top Topshop?

  2. Hey...dead? :) The top is indeed Topshop and the shoes are Miu Miu! Ha ha. I wish. No, they're not, they're Office :)


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