Love The Way They Lie

So yeah, glad today is nearly over. Spent far too much of it enraged. Everyone's a bit stressed. Stupid universe.
I had another thought relating to my random disjointed post about fad diets and anorexia the other day (sorry, that was poorly written. Next time I will have my little thought freak-out and then write a coherent post on the topic). Grazia has recently been awash with letters, comments and stuffy articles about Eminem's latest song, Love The Way You Lie. Like all of Em's music, it's most likely autobiographical. I won't bore you with the details of the subject matter, but the furious commentors on the 'Opinion' section of Grazia's site claim it glamourised domestic violence.
Oh please. No-one in the world thinks domestic violence is glamourous. Except that woman who writes the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Aggression and passion in relationships are often confused in turbulent relationships. There's a fine line between rough passion and actual violence. The line is self-control. Eminem and other artists like him, who sing songs filled with perhaps unneccessary aggression, have been berated by parents, blamed by the media for teen suicides and self-harm, and labelled a bad influence. Now this song has had the opportunity to open him up to criticism again.
Criticising Eminem for a self-harming teen is totally pointless. There are plenty of people who listen to his music who live nice normal healthy lives. Marylin Manson fans aren't all devil worshippers. ( Random aside - a friend of mine was rather amused to find a woman trying to buy Grand Theft Auto 4 for her young son and then berating video games for their violent nature.)
The line is self-control and personality.
Which is why I find it massively hypocritical that an individual can berate something that borders on glorifying domestic violence while publishing numerous ludicrous health articles which promote something that borders on glorifying anorexia.
So while that sinks in, here's me in a bandana.


  1. LOVE that first photo of you! Gorgeous!!

  2. I'm with you. I think Em's song and video are great and, as you point out, autobiographical. He's allowed to say what he wants about his own life.

  3. I'm a solid Eminem fan. People really need to recognise the divide between ART and REALITY. CREATIVITY and REAL LIFE. It is a music video and not an educational film promoting or encouraging a particular view point.

    Also- I'M BACK!! I have internet and access to my blog again!! Expect numerous comments from now on!



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