Suited and Booted

So, Day Two of The Internship Experience is over (for more, see my other blog). Continuing with my hardcore new London girl routine, I was up with the binmen, went for a run and was at work 15 minutes early, which gave me plenty of opportunity to strut past Vogue House and check out the outfits that the Conde Nast girls wear to work.
I love the difference crowds in London. You get them everywhere, it's true, but they are more commonplace here. From the painfully in girls with their messy topknots (brunette, of course), Celine colour palettes and minimal makeup, to the Japanese tourists with the eclectic style (I saw a velvet soldier-boy jacket on one), to the occasional hipster kid on their way to LCF. And the reams of handsome men in suits, of course.
I was waiting for a friend outside Bond Street tube station earlier and it was a smorgasbord of the varied world of fashion. I counted three Bayswaters, one Balenciaga mini satchel, more shearling jackets than I'd care to mention and, even at 7 o'clock, plenty of glittery partywear.
I also saw some truly amazing boots, even before I'd gone into the Selfridges Shoe Lounge (which has stopped stocking the amazing Alexander Wang chelsea-style boots that I'd dreamed of buying, boo)...red or black?
And as for me, I stuck with my usual – black, with some more black. And some grey.
But, true to form, I did make a nice new friend at the Illamasqua store on Beak Street. So expect some crazy makeup to come.....


  1. Sounds so much fun! And you're outfit is lovely, as per.

    ps. the black ones!

  2. Those red boots with the zebra print.. I don't think I could go past them. They're incredible.


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