A Visual Definition of Boredom

I know that I am going to alienate the vast majority of the fashion public here, but I genuinely cannot think of a more fitting person.
For the fortunate among you who've managed to avoid learning about this girl, this is Olivia Palermo, sometime socialte, reality TV star and regular at fashion parties and front rows.
And she's the most boring thing I've ever come across.
True, I'm sure she's not really as vapidly bitchy as she comes across in The City, and that's largely down to some canny producer thinking 'hey, beautiful girl who's a bitch, that never gets old does it?' And I'm sure she's not really as nauseatingly nice as her interviews with magazines like ASOS Magazine suggest.
Except, if she isn't, then she's doing a good job of convincing me that she's nauseatingly boring. Like a Barbie, she's fawned over by the industry because of her shiny hair and long legs (and Blake Lively looks to be going the same way) and all the journos marvel at how amazingly nice she is.
She's also a massive throwback to the times of decadence when all that mattered was shiny hair and a famous name. If that's something that the world needs to cling to like a comfort blanket then that's fine, while occasionally throwing in references to new trends.
But while we've got this Alpha-Barbie trotting around, there's only so far we can get from the Noughties Age of Decadence. She represents everything that it was acceptable to be - shiny, designer, and loaded.
Let's hope that, as Fashion Week rolls around once more, something or someone new arises from amid all the identikit glossy-haired, long-limbed beauties. This was supposed to be a New Era. If this is what New looks like, I'll take old.


  1. Gotta say I agree with you. Sure she dresses well and attends all the right events which is why we see her sooooo bloody much but is there anything more to her. I highly doubt it. Borning, very boring. Very soon the media will get bored of her and will move on to the next one.....

  2. Another boss post, Red!

  3. AGREED! She simply IS the definition of boring.

  4. Agree. They all look the same. Yawn!


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