Britain's Next Top Model Is...

I think I've got flu, I'm tired, broke and need to put the sheets on my bed before I can get into it. I have no job, therefore no income, and I'm alone in a strange city.
But somehow, my faith has been restored.
Because this beautiful, beautiful girl with talent, looks and poise has finally got what she deserved.
I was terrified that we were going to get a repeat of Allison vs Teyona (ANTM Cycle 12), but thankfully my faith in the public has been restored. Go Tiffany! I don't have to boycott Company now.
And I can go on Twitter and laugh at all the Alisha fans going 'oh it doesn't count, she's not even British'. The public have spoken! And they said the right thing.


  1. I can identify with 90% of your first paragraph. Sucks to be us.

  2. Love it, Red! Need to do a cheeky post myself and OH. MY. GOD, Allison was robbed! Teyona was shit! So glad someone else feels the same! x


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