The claw is our master

The claw chooses who will go and who will stay!
This is ludricrous.
One of the rings I found in Camden - I didn't deliberately match it to my nail varnish but they do go quite well.
This skirt is freaking difficult to walk in - it's too cold not to wear tights and this being a rather tight cotton tube skirt, it does cling to the tights somewhat. So not the best thing for a speedy getaway. But I was after a long, dark maxiskirt and it was less than half price. See, I'm savvy.
In fact, I'm swearing off shopping again. Have plenty of fabulous stuff in my wardrobe and plenty to save for. I just find it much better to put these things down on paper/in writing, like all the best things.
Aside from not hearing back from the internship interview people, I had a pretty good day. Got Letter of the Week in Grazia, caught up with an old friend and once again, feel blissfully optimistic, despite the massive uncertainty, gaping holes and financial instability and total dependance in my life.
Oh, and because I'm a massive fangirl, here's a photo of me with Imogen Heap. It reminds me of that portrait of Chi Fu and the Emperor in Mulan.

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  1. Without a doubt, my favourite outfit of yours so far. I really want a maxi skirt but I'm worried I'm too short :(. How tall are you? And that ring is beautiful! xx


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