The colours of Portobello

So...weekend in London! I was up and out early yesterday morning to go and explore Portobello Market. Among the amazing vintage stalls (and abundance of fur coats) and the fabulous vintage designer shops (where I was very close to buying a gorgeous Josh Goot blazer and a pair of Armani culottes that fit me perfectly), I was struck by the colours of the houses.

I think I liked this one best, probably because of the rich burgundy colour. Yep, favourite house here so far. Apart from this one, which is on my road and is actually inhabited. It's got a certain charm, reminds me of how I imagine the house in Blackberry Wine to look (you'll have to forgive me, I'm reading a Joanne Harris novel atm).

After Portobello I went back across town to Spitalfields, only to discover a lack of market (see, I'm still a novice), and wandered through to Brick Lane. I'd never been before and I wasn't that impressed - aside from the great array of outfits on all the vintage fans and the queue for what appeared to be a Japanese festival. I'm not sure if I had the patience for all the vintage shops that day. Plus it was raining, and it's hard to get enthused in the rain. Maybe if I went with a gang of friends. Or had got a bit more into the spirit.
But all I could think of was that 'Being A D*ckhead's Cool' video...
But I'm off to Camden now, which I've always loved, so I'll just have to take an umbrella. And maybe these...I bought them yesterday from a '3 for a tenner' sunglasses stall and wore them, with an aviator jacket (yes I caved, but it was only £20) to a party. Yes, I was channelling John Lennon. I love when an item reminds you so strongly of a person, and when the item allows you to play dress-up a bit, pretend to be someone else. Though I'm no way near as talented or as much of an arse as Lennon. I think.
It's not a very good photo but the lenses are actually pink. Excellent.


  1. looks like youve been having fun xxxx

  2. amazing pics I have seen these houses in Portobello they are stunning. Sounds like you had a good adventure xoxo

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pictures Red, I dream of living in a house like that one day! I've only ever been Brick Lane once and I have to admit I did think it was a tad overrated.

    Fab sunglasses as well girl :)

  4. Beautiful photos, Red. I love the colors but I really love the building in the last photo. It has a lovely, lived-in, dilapidated charm.


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