Cue the cheesy inspirational music

Sorry I abandoned you this weekend blog fans, but I've been out fighting crime and stuff *takes off green wetsuit*. Sorry, I am a little obsessed with Kick-Ass, still. Literally the most awesome thing I've seen since I watched Joseph Gordon-Levitt freefalling down a lift shaft.
Suffice to say, now all I really want to do is punch the air, go for runs, jump off buildings (mainly to feel the awesome adrenalin rush that comes with the awesome music from the film) and play the soundtrack on repeat, which will really bug my housemates after a while.
Aside from all this ass-kicking, I've started a new job! Only a temporary Christmas thing, but it's in Thomas Sabo, otherwise known as my favourite store, and aside from the tired feet and lack of free time, I couldn't be happier. Spending days getting paid to handle pretty jewellery? Sold! Plus I have to wear black.
And tomorrow it's back to my day-'job' as an intern, but I also have an interview for a new internship post that I'm verrrrry excited about and majorly crossing my fingers for. Wish me luck, I'll be back soon!
In the meantime, here's some kick-ass music. It will make you want to punch the air and wear a costume.

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