An Englishman In New York

WHAT a day. First off I was kept up late by my racuous landlady singing Johnny Cash with her friend until 2am, then I had a manic day at work and then heard that the internship that I'm supposed to be starting after my current one has fallen through. Excellent. Plus I get home and discover that Royal Mail has lost a package I sold on eBay, the buyer is getting angsty and I don't have my proof of postage to hand.
Excellent day all round.
But as my dad said, I've got to take stock of how much I've managed to achieve in nine days in this city. I'm sure I can spare £15 to reimburse an angry buyer, I've got my dream Christmas temp job lined up, I'm going home for a few days this weekend to party it up and see my family, friends and pet, I have a scented candle that smells amazing and makes me smile, and I have the greatest hat in the world.
You've seen it before...I was dithering over buying it but when I saw it in Grazia I knew I had to snap it up quickly.
Here's Quentine Crisp waiting to board her tube home.
I was quite pleased with today's outfit - pale peach goes well with pale skin and deep red hair (I redyed it, I feel so much better).
I am a big fan of my new hat. It goes in the same box as my John Lennon glasses. Some clothes are meant for dressing up.
Tomorrow night I get to be a proper PR party girl and help out at an event. The office is getting stressful and while I know I wouldn't be much good helping out, I wish there was something useful I could do now to prove myself. It's made me realise how clueless I am about this world that I'm trying to get into.
But I've been scared about this all summer, and now that I'm actually here, I just have to make it. So all I can do is do the work they give me, try not to piss off the boss too much, and try to watch, listen and learn.


  1. Love the hair color and the hat!

    Which tube station is that?

  2. Adore your hair color and hat! And your tube station looks really clean and well-lit, pretty much the opposite of the nyc subway.


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