For I will grow tall, as a tree

Mid-way through an interview today I realised something.
It was an interview that bore a striking similarity to the interview I had before I got the Job from Hell (the door-to-door sales job, oh what a fun time was had) - minimal office, minimal job description, minimal information on the role in the interview. Cheerily smiling staff. Identical forms. Identical clients. I knew the place all too well. I was the victim of Stereotyped Graduate Syndrome, a common strain in the job marker where they prey on the desperate. And I thought I was desperate.
Until now. They didn't call me back, but if they had, I can honestly say I would have turned down a job to continue at my internship, where I don't get paid, am tired and sick but am learning a lot and slowly feeling like part of the team, and to make a meagre wage at my weekend job, which I enjoy and am very greatful for.
Because I didn't move 200-odd miles away from my home, a job, and stability, to settle. I came to chase my dream. And if it will keep running, I will just have to wear sensible shoes and pace myself.
And as my esteemed blogger friend Lily of Bleed for Fashion says, as this is supposed to be a fashion blog, here's an outfit.


  1. I love this dress on you. I love the dress. Who makes it?

    I hear what you're saying about dead end jobs. There's many of them (and I've been there often enough myself). . . but don't get pigeon holed in the internship world. I think it's highway robbery in most cases that companies get so much good free labor. You may be young and still learning, but you've got skills, so don't sell yourself short.

  2. Thanks etoilee88,it is highway robbery, but at least I have something worth taking! :) And the dress is from Primark!


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