Good fortune

So it's been the end of another week in the Big Smoke, my fourth week here! Need to renew my travel pass and pay some more rent.
It's been a heck of a month - busy, tiring (physically and mentally) and probably the most satisfying month I've had in a long time. Doesn't show any signs of slowing down, but then again I didn't come here to be bored, did I?
Had an interesting day - the office was short-staffed so was rather hectic. Ended up staying a little late and then going a very long way home to run an errand and then getting lost in Chelsea trying to find the river. My sense of direction, which is normally excellent, failed me completely. But I found my way home eventually. I mainly walked because I wanted to slow down and take in the view from Vauxhall Bridge - the lights of the London Eye on one side, the industrial towers on the other. I still laugh like a manic child every time I cross it (silently to myself if I'm in public), as I used to whenever I saw the university clock tower when coming back from home. It's just the feeling that I'm where I really want to be.
So it's the weekend, which for me means more work for actual money. Here's hoping I can still remember how to work the till!
I'll have to try and work on a proper insightful fashiony post, probably drawing inspiration from Elle. I had a whole load of ideas but most of them related to relationships, romance and communication, not fashion, and since this is supposed to be a fashion outlet...we'll see.
But I really just needed some words to fill this space before showing you a great photo - doing my usual daily blog trawl I spotted some amazing images on Oracle Fox by a photographer called Emmanuelle Pick. It appeals to my love of sunsets, images of the wild and the rogueish, and anything with a slightly swashbuckling, fantasy element.
Image via Oracle Fox

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