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In case you wondered, I have been wearing clothes for the past few days.
And in case you were wondering, yes these trousers are borderline impossible to wear. Don't get me wrong - they are light, floaty and so comfortable, but they drag along the ground, show stains something awful and a pear-shaped girl should know NEVER to wear pale colours on her bottom half. When will I learn?
But I had a mad idea that it would look great with a denim shirt. Even though I'm undecided, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work.
And then there's today's, which is back in the realm of Alexa Chung-ville. I've worn this exact outfit once before, and never got round to photographing it.
This is a bad photo, but the dress is reddish brown with a pattern of ochre swallows. It's very cute, very easy to wear...you can see my theme recently.
I am a bit bored of easy and cute and want to go back to slightly more edgy, high glamour. Starting with makeup - I was supposed to write a post for another blog about dark winter makeup and given that I've befriended most of the Illamasqua counter I should be an expert. Plus everywhere I look there are girls with amazing makeup - on the tube, in the shops, on the screen (Taylor Momsen's fleeting return to Gossip Girl, Olivia Wilde in Tron Legacy, which I got the chance to see a sneak preview of tonight and can safely say it's going to be EPIC)...I am a great one for trying radical changes. My current mad idea is to cut my hair into a pixie bob and dye it dark purple. Thoughts?

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  1. I need your second outfit in my life, it's absolutely gorgeous.
    And keep your hair red, Red! xx


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