Leave Joan alone

Christina Hendricks has been in the news again recently, apparently because she has stunned all the women of the world by deciding to go on a diet.
Yep, that's right. The reluctant icon of all discerning curvier women (as opposed to just large women - they have Beth Ditto) has supposed decided to shed some pounds.
Naturally, Grazia, taking its stance on the front line of all things topical, published an article in today's issue called 'Christina: 'I'm not on a diet, actually', which contains some of the stunning shots they featured of Ms Hendricks in her first interview with the magazine, and affirms to the slavering public that the twins are here to stay, the ass most definitely won't quit and the killer curves will be dropping jaws still. Women everywhere breathe a collective sigh of relief.
Except, of course, for poor Christina, who is stuck in the endless media circus that her life as become. The article continues by mentioning how, as a young model, Christina was a relatively thin little miss, until, to paraphrase Tyra Banks 'booty started coming, and breasts started coming'. Tyra, never one to miss an opportunity, immediately switched her appeal to the Sports Illustrated crowd. Christina, by this time making a break into acting, was encouraged by co-stars to stick with her new, unique shape and carve a unique career for herself in the sea of identikit skinny startlets.
Except poor Christina, like January Jones, has become as ruled by her body as many supermodels. The article, ironically, concludes with Christina's plea for people to 'notice you for your work' and with the reassuring 'they sure do now, Christina'. Erm, no they f***ing don't!
If this man can look squarely at Christina's eyes, why can't the rest of us?
This really pisses me off. Mad Men is a phenomenal show, it can't be denied, and last week's episode, featuring the first real glimpse beneath Don's polished veneer and into the vile world of Peggy's relationships with, well, everyone, was solid gold tv. But for the glossies crowd, it's become nothing more than a shameless excuse to run endless cycles on what Betty (who I despise) is wearing, how to bag a man like Don and why Joan is the best thing since sliced bread. If I was the show's writers, I'd be banging my head against a wall shouting 'but what about my scriiiiiipt?' Because (and please someone correct me if I'm wrong) all that the glossies seem to give a toss about it what Joan and Betty wear. They have no interest on what a useless mother Betty is, how Joan is simultaneously a kick-ass woman and a total pushover, and how the star of the show, Peggy, the kick-ass modern woman who is ambitious, uncompromising and basically the best tv role model women have had since the Sex and the City girls (well, not Carrie. Or Charlotte. ) is so totally sidelined, based on her slightly dowdier appearance and lack of swishy hair and tight dresses, in favour of the two 'hotter' actresses.
So sorry, but I'm pretty sure no-one is really paying any attention to Christina's acting talents, as long as we're being bombarded with press chit-chat about how amazing her body is. The first thing that comes up after her name in Google when I tried to find an image for this piece was 'measurements', 'breasts' and 'cup size'. Yes, she's a big girl. Now take her off her pedestal and just let her be an actress.
Oh, and they also printed this article about Christina feeling the pressure to diet in the same issue as an article about how Angelina Jolie has been seen with a slightly rounded tummy and is therefore pregnant. This stuff just writes itself.


  1. Another fab post Red! I have to say I have never watched Mad Men, and you're right, the only thing I ever read about the show is the fashion. And honestly, I just wish the media would get over the fact that she's curvy. It's so boring! xx

  2. Watch it. It's so monumentally awesome.
    Interestingly, there've been a lot of episodes recently where the characters take the piss out of Joan's shape - some Japanese businessmen ask themselves 'how does she not fall over?' and some of the office weasels rival the Apprentice men for levels of sexism.

  3. When I went to the Emmy's recently (sorry to drop a claim bomb) my girl friend and I met her and she was so stunning in person but my friend totally embarrassed me by saying "Oh I'm such a big fan! You have the most amazing body!..." and so on.
    Didn't even mention her work. I probably was as red as your hair.

  4. Ha, I'm sure you weren't Celine, and if I ever met her I'd probably just stare at her cleavage for a bit and then go 'oh yeah, Joan rocks'. But yeah, I can only imagine her frustration.


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