Paper lanterns

And we're back to shots of my various wanderings around London. Today I had to deliver letters to various theatres in the West End, so it was perfect for a little detour through Chinatown.
I'd love one of those lanterns in my room - would be slightly 70s crack-den chic but I still think they're pretty.
As well as my detour through Chinatown and my deliveries, I also had a haircut (and now resemble a Wishing Troll). I love getting haircuts, it's like putting on makeup or wearing odd clothes - a chance to dress up, to become someone else, and boy do I need that.
Also, because hairdressers tend to be incredibly wise people. Mine and I were discussing where we wanted to be. I tapped the copy of Elle on the counter. He told me about his days of free work at Fashion Week. Then I told him about all the contemporaries of mine who are ahead of me now, who have jobs and are on their career paths. Then he told me that that's only for now. That soon they will tire, and I'll catch up.


  1. I too enjoy haircuts - it's like treating myself to a pedicure or something, sure I could do it at home, but I always feel so pampered and see the payoff when I pay someone else to do it for me.

    Love your maxi skirt to death, especially with that jacket!

  2. Now that is a gorgeous long skirt!

  3. Aha, the optical illusion worked! It's actually a pair of trousers, the pink version of the black chiffon flares I wore last week :)

  4. No effing way are those trousers. I love them - it's like wearing a maxi skirt without worrying about the wind blowing it up (a major concern during Boston autumn). Who are those by?!

  5. Yeah I know, they are amazing! They are by Topshop, only got them a week or so ago so should still be in!


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