Put me up on the angel's shoulders

I don't know if we're closer to heaven but it looks like hell down there.
Welcome to the loneliest city in the world.
It's no good for you, baby.
I must have looked like a right try-hard - the Burberry store is right at the end of the street I work on and here I am in imitation shearling boots and a shearling jacket. Very cool.
With a top with owls on. I have a slight thing with owls at the moment - bought a hat that, to quote Despicable Me, is 'so fluffy I'm gonna die' and if I had big yellow eyes I would literally be an owl baby. There are photos of me when I was little where my eyes are so big and saucerlike I look like an owl-human cross-breed. I squint a lot in these photos. It's vair high fashion. Or so I believe.
I was going to do a long and interesting post tonight but I can't quite bring myself to do it - am knackered, have a longer day tomorrow and one of my glands is so swollen it's trying to constrict my breathing and my ability to swallow. Not good.
PS The post title and random sentences are lyrics from Kate Bush's 'Top of the city', which I can't stop listening to.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely comment, dear!
    And of course you may use a photo! :)


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