And so another weekend rolls to an end...and as per usual, I'm more exhausted than I was at the start. Tired, footsore, but satisfied.
On my walk back on Friday (a decidedly footsore-enducing ramble, not getting lost) I was determined to avoid getting on a bus or a tube that might take me any other route than Vauxhall Bridge. Because at night, the view going from one side of the Thames to the other is worth the detour.
Sure, I'd love a view of Big Ben and parliament as well, but a sneaky peak of the London Eye, plus walking right past the MI5 building is almost as good.
I feel just like that girl in my ultimate favourite trashy book, I Heart New York. Yes, I'm ashamed. Cute wannabe writer girl has massive traumatic breakup with scumbag ex, runs away to New York, makes great new friends, gets a fab makeover, fab new job, shops up a storm and falls for a sexy indie guy called Alex and a hot banker guy called Tyler. She's basically a far more fortunate version of me. I know all about falling for indie guys called Alex, getting from a size 12 to a 10 and being rather overexcited every time I see views of famous landmarks. I'm sure one day I'll be able to wake up and see the Chrysler Building.
So this morning, I got up nice and early in order to 'hit up' (I believe that's the cool kids term for it) Spitalfields Market. Sadly Portobello isn't open on Sundays, so that's my project for the next time I have a late start on a Saturday. It was so bloody cold at 9am this morning, but worth it. I love finding treasure in the form of cheap clothing, and the £1 rail on one of the vintage stores is my best friend. I've been on the hunt for a specific type of item for a while, and now I have one for less than I pay for lunch.
And when I finally made it to work, aside from the pay and the right to handle pretty jewellery every day, there's another very good reason to love working there.
(Images from the Thomas Sabo SS10 Lookbook)
This is the male model who's featured in the campaigns for the last few years. I get to stare at him all day. I bet he's called Alex.

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