When the stakes are higher, never play with fire

It was the first frost this morning, and even at the late hour of 9am (I live a sedate life, NOT) there was still a good thick coating of it on the cars. I do love frosts, summer is great but there's something mythical, ethereal, almost pagan about the coming of winter. I'll miss seeing it in the countryside (no I didn't actually live in the countryside, but there were woodlands in abundance back home compared to up here).
I am an avid follower of Delightfully Tacky (over there in my blog list), who is currently on an epic journey around America in her trusty Winnebago. It's very Gerald Durrel (did anyone ever read The Fantastic Flying Journey? Great book, Doctor Doolittle meets Enid Blyton meets Lewis Carrol meets Jules Verne....but for kids, and with pictures!) of her, and her blog is flooded with amazing pictures of her varied travels, alone on the road but for her trusty dog and the friends she meets along the way. She's a modern Pippi Longstocking. She recently stopped in a wooded area to take some photos and seeing them made my heart yearn.
(Image from Delightfully Tacky)
It's coming up to Half Term, and I remember in my Half Term five years ago I spent several days clearing the house of a relative, who had lived in a secluded cottage in Wales. The cottage was dusty and crammed full of nick-nacks kept by a woman who never threw anything away. I have an allergy to dust, so it could have been a lot less fun, but I was mucking in in a cottage in the middle of woods in autumn. I was happy as a clam.
So mostly for my own purpose I'm going to embrace my inner druid (apparently it's a real religion now! Though I'm sure there's more to it than staring reverently up into canopies) and inundate this blog with a few autumnal pictures. I'm missing the leaves changing. I changed my banner picture in celebration of the new season, took those photos last year around Hallowe'en and the colours were great. But not as good as these lovely ones I found on Google (Simultaneous thanks and sorry to those I poached from!)
A gorgeous still from Hero, one of my favourite films. Visually, nothing beats it. The colour schemes in each scene, carried through from the setting to the costumes, which are really just colour washes themselves and allow the actors to become a part of the scene, are just stunning. Darn, I want to watch it now and I don't think I brought it with me.
And one of the shots from last year's Hallowe'en shoot. In truth, the leaves were largely still on the trees and green. That's what's great about autumn, it's a long, slow burner.
(PS The lyrics that make up this post title are from a song called 'Autumn Leaves Are Falling' by Clannad, one of my favourite bands and with many memories of my misspent youth as a fantasist and fantasy novelist, so it's not totally random. Yeah it is.)


  1. That third picture is absolutely beautiful, all that red and orange! I love that picture of you too, your hair looks sick! Did you ever decide what to do about dying it? (Don't! It's lovely) xx

  2. Hey Dead, I'm considering going blonde (as per) as I'm getting bored of the red. I've even got a new blog name planned! We'll see.


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