Anticipation and Coming Cold

It's nice to be out of the city. Though I am still in close proximity to a busy-ish high street, the rows of terraced houses and the local park make it feel like the country. I can't wait to wander the tiny streets when they're lit with Christmas lights while imagining a small choir singing.
I'm coming over all festive. Advent is my favourite time of year, because for me the anticipation is always better than the event. Advent - singing carols, the lights, the buzz in the air of coming festivities and the happy faces of those who can feel it too, the music, the smells of the Christmas markets. I just love it all. The first time I listen to O Come O Come Emmanuel...
Which I can technically do this Sunday. How fast the year is going.
It's getting colder, and apparently we'll get snow tomorrow. It may be an occasion for my new coat, as today I was ever so slightly chilly.
Oh, and there was frost.
Winter is here. And I'm still waiting in vain.

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